7 Days Left On Our Kickstarter Campaign

Hi everyone!

Our Kickstarter has 7 days left and just a little over 30% is still needed in order for us to achieve our initial funding goal. 

If we get just 75 more backers to pledge $40 for Tier 4, we can get funded! You can find our Kickstarter page here.

Why we're on Kickstarter

Garden of Seif has been self-funded and independently run. As a solo dev, this work has been made possible by hiring freelancers and working in my available free time. My goal has always been to finish the game, but the Kickstarter will make it happen quicker and with the scope I envisioned. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so if we don't reach our initial funding goal then the game won't get funded. If the worst-case scenario happens, we'll discuss what that means for the future of Garden of Seif.

Until then, we sincerely appreciate pledges, shares, and wishlists on Steam!

Here's an overview of our some of our rewards:

Tier 4: x3 Mini Prints, Acryllic charm of your choice, x1 tarot card, Digital Key for Curse of Gravehollow Peaks AND Chronicles of an Assassin

Tier 4.0: Digital Assassin - The digital version of Tier 4, includes both the main game, the DLC, digital wallpapers, digital icons, and the lore book AND the guide book

Tier 5 *Collector's Edition*: 4 Acryllic charms, including 2 tuxedo holographic charms, x2 tarot cards, x3 mini prints

Tier 6: Design your own side character! (Restrictions apply)

There are just 7 days left in our campaign, so if you're planning to pledge, now is the time. Once again, you can find our Kickstarter page here.

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here is my question... i don't know/understand the "kickster" thing. If you don't reach the 9000$ in five days will the 7000$ be usefull? I was considering helping but I can't give 2000$ that's missing but more somthing like 50$. so what will happen the 25?

you said :"If the worst-case scenario happens, we'll discuss what that means for the future of Garden of Seif.". Does it mean if the 9000$ aren't reach will you stop the game dev? 

I'm sorry I'm not that versed in this king of thing o_o


Hi! Don't be sorry, I can explain :D Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if we don't reach the initial funding goal of $9300 USD then we won't receive any of the funding. This also means that anyone who pledged will not be charged, rewards won't be received, etc.

The game development will not stop if the goal isn't reached, but since I am a solo dev things get complicated without funding for a project of this scope. I'm going to make an announcement on the matter soon.


haaaa! ty for the answer. Well, i'll support you and hope that we can make it. THe demo was incredible. I really love the expressions of every characters it makes them alive. 

the CG's are amazing too. Can't wait to see where everything goes.