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A marriage for political gain, or perhaps there's something more to it than that?

Upon the untimely passing of the late daemon king, Prince Drakon will take the Crown and reign over all six kingdoms. The prince's first task is to wed the fae princess of Tarafin, but the unification of a daemon and a fae is as unnatural as milk in mead; what could the Dark Prince possibly want with her?

The Dark Prince is an episodic, high-fantasy visual novel to be released in chapters. The story is based on my work-in-progress book originally titled The Divine, a story inspired by tales such as Beauty and the Beast.


  • Female MC with two skin tone options
  • Male hero with two skin tone options
  • Reads like a romance novel
  • Packed with fantasy and lore
  • Currently the only choices in chapter 1 is the character customization

Full-game Features:

  • Choices that effect the outcome
  • Magic gardening mechanics
  • Future chapter release timing TBA

Content warnings: Suggestive themes, arranged marriage, war and light depictions of violence, negative family relationships


Leader/Writer/Programmer: Aeriel Gael

Sprite & CG Artist: Remnantation

3D Backgrounds: Miss Whimsy

UI Design, Logo, Videos & Animation: Donut Duchess

Art Design: Neptune, Miss Whimsy, Aeriel

Music licensed from Soundstripe and other various assets used from Envato, song credits displayed in-game.


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Version 1.0

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Really enjoyed this certainly hope to see more!

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I am surprised this is not getting more praise to be honest but I also don't think the description does the story justice. The writing paints a wonderful picture of a magical world on the verge of collapsing under the rule of the daemons and the now powerless fae are at their mercy desperately trying to survive as their civilization begins to crumble.

The slight animations and well crafted writing helps readers visualize the story as it unfolds, but what really puts the icing on the cake is the main characters that must play a part in the plot.

I was stunned and shocked that the dark prince was not afraid to be evil. A true villain! Most stories of the romance nature tend to tame and soften demon and monster like characters quite a bit which is not necessarily bad but I miss the thrill of danger and the allure of the dark unknown that made them interesting in the first place. However black Drakon's heart may be it's no match for the clever and courageous might of the fae princess.

The music and artwork is also quite lovely and fit the theme of the novel.

I am excited to read the next chapter!


Thank you so much for taking the time to give such wonderful feedback! The way you have described the story is exactly how I wanted readers to perceive it. I will definitely need to polish the description better so that other potential players will know more about the story right away. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you will enjoy the next chapters as well!


I love this kind of story! Great demo! I'm looking forward to chapter 2!


I love it already. Can't wait to see what awaits the princess.


Thank you for your feedback! 


Im looking forward to it. I had a question tho, how many episodes do the dev plan to make??


It's not certain yet, but we will probably keep it at a total of three chapters, with the next two chapters being much longer than the first one.